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Meet the team


Our manager, Duncan, has been interested in whisky for longer than he can remember; starting, as so many do, with Glenfiddich 12yr. He then discovered eBay in the days where whisky could be traded there and subsequently whisky auction sites. His collection is varied and spans a multitude of styles and distilleries - opening bottles with friends remains a key part of the whisky journey for him. Enjoying whisky with friends is what brought him to Inverness Whisky via The Malt Room. He now hopes to share that journey and experience with customers in the shop.


Assistant manager, Malcolm, grew up with peat smoke often filling the air. Spending much of his time growing up on the west coast and the Isle of Skye, the phenols of those big Islay drams and beyond are a sweet reminder of simpler times. His father spent near 30 years in the malting industry, meaning peated malt (and peated whisky) was always also in the ether. Working at whisky festivals, in specialist bars and now here at Inverness Whisky his horizons and love for the water of life continue to expand; not least through the interactions and conversations across the counter.


Sales associate James, hails from Orkney, and so in turn holds onto a possibly biased favourite dram of Scapa 16, but he doesn't let that hinder his attempts of delving into as broad a spectrum of whisky as possible. Having originally trained as a musician from a young age, his experience of working with a range of audiences has highlighted his appreciation of the importance of a shared enjoyment, something that whisky is never far away from.


Garry was born in Inverness but spent a number of years working around Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean sampling local hospitality as he travelled. Returning to Inverness to settle with his young family he lived at Brackla Distillery and so his whisky journey began! Garry has written whisky articles for "Malt" and experimented with a YouTube whisky channel; these avenues allowed him the opportunity to spread his appreciation of the joys of sharing a dram.